Intellectual Property Policy

1. Intellectual Property

The term “Intellectual property” or “IP” is used to describe various types of intangible property, including patents, trademarks, service marks, trade dress, design marks, trade secrets, copyrights or Counterfeits items. respects third party intellectual property rights and we expect our users to honor the same and actively supports protection of Intellectual Property of others.  It is in our interest to ensure that infringing products are removed from the site, as they erode Buyer and Seller trust..  


2.1. Prohibit the Listing of counterfeits or unauthorized items on the site, such as counterfeit designer garments, shoes, watches or other accessories.

2.2. The listing of unauthorized (pirated, duplicated, backup) copies of software programs, music albums, movies, television programs, photographs,  video games or other protected works is prohibited on the Site.

2.3. If the products sold bear the name or logo of a company, but did not originate from or were not endorsed by that company, such products are prohibited from the Site.

2.4. Items/Products containing the similarities, image, name or signature of another person are prohibited, unless the items were made or authorized by the person whose information is being used. 

2.5. A branded product may be post if the seller has a permit; a certificate of authorization from the brand owner is necessary.

3. Enforcement Action for violations of our IPR policy 

- Removal of listings of products

- Restrictions on listing new products

- Account block or suspension

- Termination of membership has the full discretion to take any enforcement action anytime for certain conspicuous situations like where infringing acts committed by user or User being sued by intellectual property rights holder or being investigated by judiciary, or  where litigation has already been initiated by intellectual property rights holder against, or if receive any Requests from judiciary or enforcement authorities to  take any relevant measures.