Natural Disposable Areca Leaf Plates and Bowls

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2 yrs India

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Port : Chennai

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Product Type : Disposable Areca Palm Leaf Plates & Bowls

Place of Origin : Tamil Nadu

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Brand : GTC

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Packaging Detail: Shrink Wrapping packing in Carton Boxes

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We Global Trade Connextions are the business partners of manufacturing Disposable Palm Areca Leaf Plates and Bowls which are specially designed and marketed in the name of Global Trade Connextions.

Areca Leaf Plates for food and snack consumption are made from the fallen leaves of the Areca palm tree. No trees are chopped or cut at any stage during the making process and only the naturally fallen areca leaves are used to make this product.

Bio plates are sturdy, leak proof unlike Banana leaf or other leaves and Areca leaf plates do not conduct heat so they can be placed on one's lap or under one`s Palm without discomfort or concern. This Bio plates are strong enough to use with a knife and fork without risk of being punctured or leaked.

Areca leaf plates are chemical free disposable products which are fully biodegradable in a short period of time. No chemicals, resins, strengthening agents or synthetic materials are used in the manufacturing process. The material does not react with the food and will not add any odd or unpalatable taste to the food served and is non-toxic.       

Microbiological Tests are carried out in order to access the presence of fungus, E.coli and assessment of plate count. The result show the Areca Leaf Products have no presence of E coli and clean from any other micro-organism and safe for food contact.

Apart from being disposable, and eco-friendly,it is 100% bio degradable. These eco plates have many more notable features, such as:

  • Handy
  • Leak proof
  • Light weight
  • Strong

The plates and bowls can withstand hot and cold temperatures, including baking food stuff, microwave and freezing.

  • Hotels,Resorts, Fast-Food Outlets, Restaurants
  • Nature parks and wild life sanctuaries where bio-degradable products are viable alternative
  • Can be used at homes (for parties and festivals, Thanksgiving, Wedding parties, Large gatherings) etc.
  • Leaf plate's items are oven proof & heat resistant to serve foods.
  • Perfect alternative for plastics and foams
  • Leaf ware products can become attractive home display material to hold eco-friendly products too.

Areca leaf plates are a economical replacement for thermocol, paper and plastics disposables.

Finally these plates are considered one of the most natural, organic & Eco-friendly disposable products in the world. Buy leaf plates for your next party, and your friends will love them. Palm leaf plates are the perfect disposable plates for restaurant supplies, catering supplies and cafe supplies. Eco-friendly plates for event planning, festivals, community functions, and for your home, picnic or camping.

Biodegradable & Compostable plates that are good for the soil and the soul!

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Global Trade Connextions, Chennai, India.

Mobile : +91 9840115510

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Natural Disposable Areca Leaf Plates and Bowls